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Tammy Flanagan is the senior benefits director for the National Institute of Transition Planning Inc., which conducts federal retirement planning workshops and seminars. Since 1985, Tammy has been helping federal employees take charge of their retirement by understanding their benefits. As part of her efforts she has been a regular contributor to Government Executive where she has been writing a weekly Retirement Planning Newsletter since 2006. On this page, you will be able to get information on her most recent newsletter submissions. You can access the full catalog of past submissions of her Retirement Planning column HERE. If you like what you read, then be sure to subscribe to this and other Government Executive email newsletters.









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Retirement Planning Column


Here is a guide to get you started at every stage of your career so that you can plan properly for a financially secure federal retirement.  This can also help you understand the value of your federal benefits before making a decision to leave federal service early.


August 11th, 2016







 RETIREMENT GUIDE  A Retirement Guide for Every Stage of Your Career  



Let's face it, health insurance choices can be confusing and changing health plans can be frightening since you may not know you made the best choice until it is too late.  Despite these concerns, insurance choices are plentiful for feds.  Making the right choice can save you money and provide you with the best health care for you and your family.

October 19th, 2017



Ready to retire?  This column will walk you through the forms that are necessary to accomplish your transition from employee to retiree!  For additional tips on applying for retirement, check out the November 22, 2017 column titled, "Keep These Documents Handy"


 November 16th, 2017







 READY TO RETIRE  The final countdown,filing the papers 







 OPEN SEASON  5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Health Benefits Open Season 




Here you'll find a comprehensive retirement planning resource guide. If there is a topic you think you need to explore, these columns may provide you with a starting point to learn more about the steps you can take to making the key decisions that will help you enjoy a financially secure and mentally rewarding life after retirement.







 INDEX  Annual index of links to previous columns on important topics in the federal retirement process 







The transition to retirement has significant tax implications, so tax planning is a big part of retirement planning. Here are some tips and a few things to know about taxes and your federal retirement.


January 18th, 2018




Through her work as Senior Benefits Director of the National Institute of Transition Planning, Tammy Flanagan has been a prominent regular on Federal News Radio 1500 AM. Through this radio channel she has been a featured guest on Federal Drive with Tom Temin, In Depth with Francis Rose, For Your Benefit, and Your Turn with Mike Causey.







 RADIO APPEARANCES  Listen to Tammy here. 







 TAX PLANNING  Tax Planning in a Time of Change 



Tammy Flanagan

Retirement Benefits Specialist